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Best TMT Bar Manufacturer and Supplier in Bihar

“Mahan 550D” signifies the company’s commitment to providing high-quality steel reinforcement bars that can withstand demanding applications and provide long-lasting support for concrete structures.

As a company, we are dedicated to providing our customers with reliable and efficient service. We work closely with architects, builders, and contractors to ensure that our products meet their exact specifications. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

The Most Trusted TMT Brand In Bihar

Mahan 550D is manufactured by Magadh industries. This is first thermo mechanical technology in Bihar. This is used in Mahan TMT Bar. For this, we are using temcor technology. This is only used by Tata and sale in India. We have a team of expert engineers and technocrat. They are working day night for best quality TMT BAR.

Mahan 550D is first choice of customer’s trust. Magadh industries distribute their products to selected dealers in last 10 years in market. We deliver right product, right measurement, right weight and right cost to our valuable customers. This is the sign of customers trust for us.

Advantages Of Mahan 550D

Detailed Comparison Between Mahan TMT 550D And Ordinary TMT:

Properties Mahan TMT 550D Ordinary TMT
Strength and Durability Mahan TMT 550D is specifically engineered to provide exceptional strength and durability. It undergoes a rigorous thermo-mechanical treatment process, resulting in a high strength-to-weight ratio and superior toughness. It is designed to withstand seismic forces and offers enhanced resistance against bending, buckling, and fatigue. Ordinary TMT steel may vary in terms of strength and durability depending on the brand and manufacturing process. However, it generally has lower strength characteristics compared to premium TMT like Mahan 550D. Ordinary TMT may not have the same level of toughness and resistance against structural failures.
Grade and Quality Mahan TMT 550D belongs to a premium grade category, indicating its superior quality. It conforms to international standards and undergoes stringent quality control measures during the manufacturing process. The steel is manufactured using advanced technology and strict quality checks to ensure consistent and reliable performance. Ordinary TMT steel may vary in grade and quality across different brands. While some brands may offer decent quality, others may have lower standards. It is important to verify the grade and quality certifications of ordinary TMT steel to ensure its suitability for your construction requirements.
Corrosion Resistance Mahan TMT 550D is designed with enhanced corrosion resistance properties. It is engineered to withstand the effects of rust and corrosion, thereby increasing the longevity of the structure. This is particularly crucial in areas with high humidity or exposure to corrosive elements. The corrosion resistance of ordinary TMT steel can vary depending on the specific brand and the protective measures taken during the manufacturing process. Some ordinary TMT steel may have a basic level of corrosion resistance, but it may not be as effective as premium grades like Mahan 550D.
Certification and Compliance Mahan TMT 550D is typically accompanied by relevant certifications and
compliance documents, ensuring its adherence to international standards for quality and safety. These certifications provide assurance of the product’s reliability and compliance with industry norms.
The availability of certifications and compliance documentation for ordinary TMT steel can vary across different brands. It’s important to verify the authenticity of the certifications provided by the manufacturer to ensure that the steel meets the required standards.
Technical Support and Services Magadh Industries, the manufacturer of Mahan TMT 550D, often provides comprehensive technical support and assistance to its customers. This includes guidance on product selection, structural design, and construction practices, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction. Technical support and services offered for ordinary TMT steel may vary from brand to brand. Some manufacturers may provide limited assistance, while others may have dedicated customer support teams to address queries and concerns.

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Mahan Industries Pvt Ltd is going to launch New Product Soon. We have decided to open multiple store in Bihar with latest marketing strategy.

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Multiple source and latest machinery will improve the production, we have decided to deliver the product as per the request and quality.

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MAHAN TMT 500+ is a unit of MAGADH INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. One of the biggest TMT brand in Bihar

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